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Anne has worked with glass for over twenty years. Her interest in working with "warm" glass techniques has allowed her to incorporate unique elements into her pieces. Self-taught, she designs glass dancers which express her appreciation of the human form, and a communication with the inner spirit. This spirit is also found in her glass horses in which she attempts to capture the majesty of one of our most beautiful creatures.

Her freestanding pieces utilize fused glass elements including some "green" usage of salvaged recycled window glass fused in bas relief. They are set on hand honed hard wood bases made in collaboration with husband, Wayne. Combined with more traditional stained-glass work Anne has created a marriage of color and texture, combined with wood and metal elements to create her own style and composition.



Wayne began his artistic career designing and building custom wood homes. He incorporated natural finished wood in his homes, creating unique and rustic elements that blended seamlessly with the environment.

With an advanced degree in architecture from the University of Florida and over thirty years experience, he developed into a master craftsman excelling in all forms of wood working.

He has combined his artistic nature and love for natural elements creating tables from reclaimed native trees including Magnolia, Hickory, Live Oak, Laurel Oak, Cherry, Elm and Florida Maple, to name only a few. He uses wood that has often been discounted for furniture use, seeing the overlooked deeper beauty and disguised elegance to create a masterpiece of simplicity and function.

From retrieving, milling, stacking, storing, drying, and working the wood, an appreciation and respect for the wood develops, and the resultant table is the culmination of this relationship.

Wayne's tables are the perfect addition to any home. As art, they can stand alone or serve as a functional piece of furniture.





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Located in north central Florida, nestled just south of Gainesville, Micanopy, is a unique town home to many local artists.

We encourage a visit to our studio to pick up your one of a kind, handmade table; as these tables arrive fully assembled and some can be quite heavy, up to 50 pounds. However shipping can be arranged and the cost will be calculated on an individual basis depending on your location and the weight and size of the table you have selected. All glass work can be easily shipped to any location, and costs for shipping is based on your location and the piece you choose(size and weight).

Thank you for your interest!!

Anne and Wayne Smith

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