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cherry coffee table


Cherry Coffee Table #20

The making of table begins with milling the wood. This process turns the fallen tree into thick slabs which will be air stacked and dried. Cut limbs form the legs for many of my tables. Many hours of planing , sanding and fine finishing are required to produce the tables you see on this page.

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cedar coffee table

Cedar Coffee Table #32


Elm table with natural legs

Elm side Table #02

oak table with three legscherry end table

Hickory Coffee Table #33 ***********************Oak End Table #21***********************Cherry SIde Table/Bench #22


Elm table with limb legsElm end table with limb legs

*************Elm Side Table #01***************Elm Side Table #31*************************Elm SideTable #04*************


Elm top endtable with limb legsElm coffee table with grape vine legsElm side table

Elm Side Table #14*********Elm Table with Grape Vine Legs #13*******Cherry Table with Cypress Legs #18****


Elm table with limb legs

Elm Side Table #19***********Cypress Coffee Table with Marble #29************Elm End Table #30************